About David L. Michaels

As a current retiree, Dave Michaels has been writing for over 20 years. He currently resides is Arizona with his wife Andrea, and spends most of his free time hiking, traveling, and enjoying the company of his family and friends.

Why a blog?

I wanted to wrangle all my writings into a handy, condensed format so they’d be tidy, nicely presented and couldn’t get lost or burned. I could also add items if I wanted, or alter them. Maybe more people could discover and enjoy them. My disparate forms could be together.

What was your initial intention for all this?

I wanted to save my progeny from boredom on rainy days and when there was “nothing else to do.”

It’s a lot of stuff. Where’d it all come from?

Good question. I’ve read this from songwriters: “No idea where they come from. I just seem like the conduit through which they flow.” I think that’s about right. All this has come amazingly easy for me. Often when I’m writing I’ll actually chuckle or cry about what comes out. I enjoy writing.

Any aspirations?

I have to admit yes, or maybe I have fantasies. It’d be awesome if I were to be discovered. A publisher or something could happen. I’d love to have my children’s stories wonderfully illustrated. I think each of my novels could become quite interesting movies. I mean they’re already in dialogue form.

-David Michaels